Custom Built Wildlife Monitoring Systems

Quantitative Sampling Technologies is Innovation Minded.

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What Makes QST Different?


For over 10 years, QST has been creating affordable, custom designed, fixed and mobile wildlife monitoring solutions.

Specializing in PIT tag systems engineering for fisheries and aquatic ecosystems, they have built more successful RFID monitoring sites than anyone in the world.

Know How

QST can integrate into almost any existing environmental board to completly design or enhance your current system.

With expertise in population biology, biometry, conservation genetics, and bioengineering, QST applies deep scientific thinking to your unique project needs.


QST knows how to help you get the best results by providing our clients with technical expertise in population ecosystem monitoring systems, including design, installation, and operation of remote environmental monitoring sensors. 

Our goal is to help you create an affordable system that works in real world conditions.