QST develops the highest performing, lowest cost field solutions

Providing their innovative controller solutions, antenna design, and system integration at significantly lower prices, QST is setting the standard in fisheries and wildlife monitoring. Every system needs reliable antennas with the highest range of perception to properly capture all the RFID information.

QST provides the best the best full-duplex and half-duplex RFID technology solution at a budget-conscious price.

QST system architecture is modular

Our main competitor’s style is daisy chain architecture that increases risk of failure in the field and provides controllers that can only be placed 150 feet away from antennas and have short run distances.

By using QST’s patented serial 3 wire communication technology, which functions more like a USB-hub, you can run a line from a controller to multiple antennas up to 1000 feet away without any power loss.

QST makes it easy for you to monitor and track your site data

Equipment needs to periodically be tested, helping you maintain your system’s ability to read every possible tag. Efficiency vs. noise will fluctuate and +1V of noise may render your site blind. Site power fluctuations can have significant effects on a sites ability to read a PIT tag.

Your site needs clean power for optimal RFID data transmission and QST continually is bringing new power management products to the market.

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