Experienced Team

Jody White

Principal Scientist

1 (208) 860-5269

Jody focuses on providing scientists high quality cost effective tools that enable researchers to effectively study animal populations.

Having worked professionally with both private and public agencies throughout the Western United States, Alaska and Canada, he spends the majority of his time developing electronic system designs that optimize a scientists’ site detections dependent on logistics and statistical objectives.

Jody’s technical and scientific background and expertise has allowed him to bring a unique perspective to combining aquatic sciences and electronic systems into the world of animal detection. He specializes in aquatic community ecology, quantitative fisheries science, and fisheries stock assessments.

Chris Beasley

Principal Scientist

1 (360) 620-2883

Chris focuses on the development of cost-effective and reliable technologies that address the difficulties that accompany management of cryptic species.

For the last two decades Chris has become a leader in study design development and implementation. With substantial field experience, he develops restoration and monitoring strategies that are efficient and logistically feasible.

Chris’ experience includes the application of genetic and electronic monitoring data within sampling designs to delineate populations, identifying limiting factors, prescribing restoration strategies, and monitoring their effectiveness. He has also worked with a diversity of different animal species, ranging from grey and red wolves to the Pacific lamprey.