Components and Remote Communications

Q-Bridge Boards

Adapts other manufacturer reader boards and environmental probes and measurement devices to the unique QuBE communication system


Controls communication

Works with
  • Biomark RM310 reader board
  • QST 3-wire system


Controls communication

Works with
  • Biomark IS1001 reader board
  • QST 3-wire system


Controls communication

Works with Multiple Environmental Monitoring probes including:
  • Campbell Scientific CS-450 Water Depth/Temp
  • Campbell Scientific CS-107 Air Temperature
  • FTS – DTS-12 Turbidity Sensor

NOTE: Please contact QST for additional probes or devices you are interested in using.

Q-Test Tags

Tuning system for site maintenance

  • Full Duplex Technology
  • Waterproof Enclosure

The Test Tag provides verification of antenna function in lieu of other diagnostic data, intended for placement in the detection zone of an antenna coil.

QST Satellite Modem

Affordable satellite modem solution for remote site access for site data connectivity

  • Global Star Modem
  • Weather Proof Enclosure
  • Low-Power Requirements

The QST Satellite Modem is an affordable solution for those sites that do not have internet or cellular access. Our modems come with an and run on 5 V DC current. We also provide modem cables. Please contact QST for cable requirements and ordering specifications.

Cellular Modems

For site areas with cellular coverage

  • All carriers supported
  • Modem templates specific to controllers and dataloggers
  • All cables included for immediate connection and use

QST provides several types of modems depending on your site and equipment needs. We can provide modems that work with most cellular carriers and will set-up the modem specific to the QuBE systems, or other systems, depending on your needs. We have three different cellular modems including the Sierra Wireless L300,and the Feeney Wireless Stylus.