The most affordable, flexible field site controllers

The QuBE is a family of affordable control systems built to manage an array of RFID FDX and/or HDX PIT tag readers.

  • Complete control site equipment
  • Multiplex from 1 to 48 individual reader boards
  • Multiplex in-stream PIT tag readers
  • Operates multiple types of environmental probes
  • Manage data capture, storage, and backup
  • Integrate remote communications QuBE is a highly flexible platform that can be built to support your site’s needs
  • Whether that is a complete site, or integration of existing elements.

Base Models


Manages and provides integral information for Biomark RM310 Reader boards (HDX and FDX tags) and associated antennas. Provides many diagnostic functions including real-time measurement of average and peak noise (mV) and current (mA).

Works with

Biomark RM310 Reader Board

Controls / Multiplexes

2 - 48 Readers

Data Collection Sync

1 - 6 Antennas


Manages and provides integral information for IS1001-24V Antenna Control Node boards and associated antennas. By using the unique 3 wire communication system – We have eliminated the requirement use CANBUS cables, or serial connections between antenna readers.

Works with

Biomark IS1001 Reader Board

Controls / Multiplexes

2 - 48 Readers

Data Collection Sync

1 - 6 Antennas



Connects and controls existing controllers such as the Biomark FS1001 (MUX) or IS1001 Master Controller.


Manages Communications
Operation of Environmental Probes
Data Storage / Backup / Management


QuBE COMBINE (Available April)

Unique only to QST communication systems, the QuBE COMBINE allows users to run Biomark IS1001s , Biomark RM310 Reader Boards and TI-2000 Series HDX reader boards on one in-stream system. The ultimate in fisheries and wildlife monitor system flexibility.

Why QuBE?

A Powerful, Affordable and Flexible controller

By utilizing a unique, patented, three-wire data/power communication protocol, the QuBE does not require special cables or wire, making it ideal for low-cost installations and unique locations.

QST-Designed three-wire protocol allows an infinite number of antenna layouts to minimize wire use and maximize detection efficiencies.

Depending on a stream's channel characteristics, equipment security, or access, the QuBE can be located up to 1000 feet from the furthest reader board/array.

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