Custom enclosures for a variety of environments

  • Small footprint enclosure solutions
  • Solar system enclosures
  • Custom modem enclosures
  • Battery Enclosures for all power systems
  • Ability to lock down and secure

Our line of completely waterproof Q-Boxes utilize the QuBE's patented 3-wire technology and are available in standard and customized sizes and connector configurations to meet user-specified requirements.

QST Boxes eliminate excessive and redundant wire runs to antennas and groups of antennas.

Q-Reader Pods

Water-tight containers for field deployment

QST provides enclosures to protect reader boards and sensitive equipment when deploying electronics in harsh environments. Available in schedule 80 PVC or all-stainless steel.

Two Sizes Available

Small: Intended to house the Q-Bridge and Biomark RM310 Board (or similar sized electronics board)

Large: Will house the Q-Bridge-A and Biomark IS1001 (or similar sized electronics board)

QST 3-Wire System Hub

We manufacture several styles of junction boxes to be used with the QuBE’s patented 3-wire communication/power technology. Junction box sizes and number of connections are manufactured in any number of connections required by the researcher. The placement of these boxes allows a researcher to save money on eliminating excess and redundant wire runs to antennas and groups of antennas.