Power Systems

QST provides a variety of complete power systems and accessories that are optimized for providing reliable power to in-stream PIT interrogation sites that minimize interference with tag reads. QST has tested and developed a suite of equipment designed to provide quiet, clean power for PIT interrogation sites. Depending on your field application, we can provide equipment that is designed to function in the most extreme environments.

All power systems include all the necessary parts and pieces to minimize site installation time. All you have to do is unpack, set-up and use!

Grid Power System

Intended for applications that have access to AC electricity from the power grid.

  • Easiest power system to install
  • Comes with the QST power filter to minimize AC noise

Necessary cables and connection, battery box enclosure and switcher system. Depending on your site, the Grid Power System is intended to connect directly to AC power.

Thermoelectric Generators (TEG) System

Propane solution for sites without adequate solar radiation or access to AC grid power

  • Great for areas with inclement weather and minimal sunlight
  • Powered by propane fuel

Thermoelectric Generator, necessary cables and connections, battery box enclosure and switcher system. Customer needs to provide your own propane tanks.

Solar Systems

Most cost effective solution without access to AC grid power

  • Most cost-effective in areas with sunlight

All components needed to install solar power system.

Elements include solar panels, solar controller, battery enclosure, batteries, necessary cables and connections, battery box enclosure and switcher system.

System wattage and battery capacity will depend on geography and site characteristics.

Hybrid Solar/Thermoelectric Generators — Power System

Solution when you need extra charging capabilities

  • All the benefits of solar
  • Propane back up for times of inclement weather

Thermoelectric Generator, solar panels, system controller, necessary cables and connection, battery box enclosure and switcher system.

Battery Box Enclosure and Switcher System

Complete battery switching system ensuring clean, quiet power to your RFID field site

  • Complete DC and AC current isolation
  • Provides battery backup if main power supply fails
  • Works in most extreme environments

The QST battery box and Switcher system is used to provide a stable, quiet 24 volt terminal power solution to optimize RFID system efficiency. System components include: insulated metal battery box with ventilation van, battery switcher and enclosure, 4 - 12 volt sealed gel batteries, and battery charger (if required). The system is weatherproof and is shipped ready to be hooked up to your systems main power supply and site electronic equipment. All connectors are waterproof style connectors and are included for power cable attachments.

Battery Switcher 1.0

Smart Battery Switcher

  • 12 - 24 V DC
  • Chargers two independent battery banks from one primary power source
  • Provides DC and AC noise isolation
  • User defined charging cycles

The battery switcher is attached to two separate battery banks, and a battery charger (or directly to solar controller output). The switcher alternately charges each battery bank while “isolating” the other battery bank to eliminate noise transfer from the power system to other system components. It has user selected charge cycles of 1,2,3 4,5,7,8,9,10, and 12 hours. The QST Battery Switcher 1.0 also provides indication of improper connection of either the batteries or charger and indicates which battery/batteries are being charged.

Battery Charger

Quiet Battery Charger

  • 12 V or 24V 5 AMP
  • Smart charger
  • Does not create noise

QST sells a quiet battery charger that does not interfere with RFID systems. It can be purchased either in an enclosure or just the battery charger components. Contact QST for the best solution for your application.


Tested for Quality and Efficiency

  • 6, 12 and 24 Volt
  • Sealed Gel, Lead-Acid or other
  • Perfect for solar site installations or terminal power storage

We have tested a variety battery types to provide the best option for your site installation. We can offer our expertise to help you choose which battery you need.

Power System Filter

Coming soon