What is RFID?

QST has specialized in RFID monitoring sites for the last 8 years

RFID technology has been around since 1970, but until recently its cost relegated its use to large items like cows and railroad cars. Innovations in the technology have made RFID much more cost effective and small enough to be used in new ways. RFID tags can now store more data, up to 2 kilobytes.

RFID in Animals

RFID technology has become extremely cost effective and can be used to track information about large populations of fish and other animals. PIT (Passive Integrated Transponder) tags are inserted into thousands of animals a year.

For example, when a fish passes an antenna setup in a stream, the tag receives electromagnetic energy from the antenna. This allows the tag to transmit a unique identifying number to a reader through radio waves. All this occurs without the need for power. The antenna itself creates the energy field, and the RFID tag passes through this field. Only during its connection with the field does the tag become active.

Why use RFID?

RFID technology for wildlife monitoring is not as expensive as you might think. The cost of the initial site has dropped in recent years. Once the tag is inserted into the animal, it will continue to transmit data for decades.

PIT tags use passive RFID. Passive tags get their power from the antenna (or readers) so they don’t require a battery. This means the tags can only be read from less than 20 feet away, but lowers their cost considerably.

Clean Data

All the monitoring technology in the world is useless if the collected data is noisy and inaccurate. Or if your equipment stops working. QST not only provides high-quality hardware, but also helps you create a plan for an observation center that will collect clean data.

We also offer software tools that let you remotely monitor your site so you know everything is up and running and transmitting clean data.

If you don't do monitoring right, you don't get data that you need - and most importantly, you won’t know if your site is working.

Observation doesn't mean anything. Proper antennas and monitoring systems provide all the data you need to keep track with confidence.

QST provides hardware, software and data monitoring tools to help you create a solid observation center.

Your data will be captured with the highest accuracy.

By expertly constructing proven solar powered systems that deliver consistent voltage over time, QST also provides you with helpful monitoring and visualization tools to quickly review your findings.