Collects data, interfaces with field equipment

Since 2005, QST has pioneered the development of monitoring protocols, field instrumentation, and software applications for the collection and analysis of passive integrated transponder (PIT) tag data from fish.

Our software is designed to assist clients in the efficient collection of high-quality monitoring data.

QuBE Data Logging Software (QDL)

QDL is a client-side application used to remotely access, control, and manually / automatically download data from the QuBE controller. Additionally, it manages user-defined data download operations.


Instream Interrogation Site (PIT Arrays)

CR1000 Programs developed by QCInc, used to communicate and store data between the Campbell Scientific CR100 and the Biomark FS1001M (MUX). Additionally, users that have the Campbell Scientific software “Loggernet” can remotely connect and control both the CR1000 and MUX.

Download of software requires registration to ensure all users are updated on the latest software updates. Below you will find a .zip file that includes the application, associated input files, and necessary software to run the datalogger. Please read the “*readme.txt” file for the latest version’s updates and instructions for installing the application.


IQuBE Fish Survey Software Suite

Efficiently monitor your site remotely

The QCI Fish Survey Software Suite is a custom application bundle that supports four Integrated Status and Effectiveness Monitoring Projects (ISEMP) survey types, including:

Rotary Screw Trap/ Adult Weir Fish Collection

This application is used for stationary fish collection sites, specifically rotary screw traps and adult weir collection sites.

Roving Fish

For roving fish collection and PIT tagging protocol for electrofishing, seining, electro-herding, snorkel-herding capture methods/

Mobile Fish Detection

For mobile detection on fish using handheld PIT detection devices and boat mounted PIT detection devices.


  • Optimized for: Juniper Systems Allegro Hand-Held Data-Logger, (not required)
  • Compatible with most Windows Mobile devices
  • .NET Framework
  • Please Note: In order to receive product updates, registration is required
  • Included in download: the application, associated input files, and software to run the data logger